Healthcare is a vital part of our society. Just imagine life without it. It would be like living in the 18th or 19th century again. Speaking for myself, I definitely take my ability to receive immediate, professional care for granted. It’s something that I’ve never had to live without. I’ve never had to struggle through a major sickness without the help of a trained professional. We should all be grateful for the things that the doctors and nurses do for us.

 With that being said, there are some things that could be done to improve healthcare and that is what I want to talk about today. Giving the patient the best experience that they possibly can. Providing them with all the necessary care that they need at a great price for them should be the goal. So, how do we do that? What are the solutions?

Take Advantage of Technology

Pepper is a robot created by Aldebaran Robotics and SoftBank that is designed to read the emotion of other people. This video shows the amazing capabilities that Pepper has to be able to carry on a conversation. Pepper will work in the healthcare industry, most likely with elderly patients, to provide them with a companion that they can talk to while assessing their emotional needs and wants.

Surgical robots are another great technological innovation making their appearance in the healthcare industry. The da Vinci Si is the most advanced and well-known surgical robot in the world. Its four arms help it to provide a multitude of capabilities for the doctors using it. Three of the arms have instruments mounted on it that give the surgeon a greater range of motion and the ability to make precise movements. This comes in handy when the surgeon is creating a tiny incision or attempting to suture and tie the knot. (not marriage) The fourth arm holds a 3-D high-definition camera. This camera gives the surgeon amazing visibility throughout the entire surgery because of its magnified view and flawlessly accurate depth perception.

Technology is saving lives every day. It is assisting doctors in healing patients and helping them recover more quickly. Not only that, it is helping to train our doctors of tomorrow in a more thorough and beneficial way. It is amazing how advantageous technology is to the healthcare industry. As humans continue to advance it, healthcare will continue to improve.

Keep Rural Hospitals Open

673 rural hospitals are now in danger of closing their doors, according to Becker’s Hospital CFO Report. That’s 673 hospitals in the United States! There are many different reasons for these threats but I think we can all agree on one thing; it needs to be fixed. One of the big problems that is creating these negative operating margins for many hospitals is the fact that they have not adopted Medicaid expansion. For example, there have been major problems in Kansas because Medicaid expansion hasn’t been implemented. They have seen several rural hospital closures and there is no guarantee that there won’t be more.

Imagine if all of those 673 hospitals were to close their doors. Think about the impact that it would have on the economy. According to the Becker’s Report, if all of those vulnerable hospitals were to shut down, there would be 99,000 healthcare jobs lost. That is 99,000 people who would be out of a job and thrust into unemployment. Another crazy stat from the report says that if these hospital closures came to fruition, our country’s GDP would lose an estimated $227 billion.

If we are going to improve healthcare for everyone, we can’t have hospital closing their doors all over the country. People in rural areas in the Unites States need to have a place to go when they need medical attention.

Find Cost Savings

Almost 85% of telecom invoices contain errors and overcharges. More than likely, 12% of the charges that you have on your invoices are incorrect. That means that there is a very good chance that you are losing money through your telecom plan. Everyone has two options. The first option is to hope and bet the company money on the fact that costs fall into the 15% of invoices without overcharges. Option two, realize that most companies are going to fall in the 85%. Choose to have your invoices assessed and fixed so you're no longer in the 85%. There is no reason not to.

Don’t continue putting off the audit. The longer you wait; the more money you’re losing. Hand your problem over to us here at Espy, and we will take care of it for you. Finding cost savings through your telecom plan is going to help you afford the new technology you need to give your patients the best experience at an affordable price. Or it could help you keep the doors open at your rural hospital. Your cost review comes at no risk to you so there’s no reason not to at least let Espy take a look at your invoices to see what money we can save you.

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 Written by Trey Turner - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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