In recent blogs we have talked a lot about the ways that healthcare could be saved. We’ve come up with many different solutions that could truly make a difference and help healthcare become something that is beneficial to everyone. Only problem, you have to have someone to implement the solutions in order to cause a change.

Today, we are going to take a look at a company that is truly trying to make a change. A company that is using technology to its advantage, in order to give the patient affordable, quality healthcare that American’s need.

A doctor named Farzad Mostashari created a company named Aledade. An article in the New York Times speaks to what Aledade was created for and the benefits and opportunities that it is creating for so many different people.

                   “The American health care system is a fragmented archipelago, with patients moving through doctors’ offices and hospitals that are often disconnecte from one another. As a result, many primary care physicians — who often see themselves as a kind of quarterback who calls the shots on a patient’s care have no easy way to monitor a patient’s meandering path through the health care system.

                   Aledade’s software addresses that by collecting patient data from a variety of sources, creating a helicopter view. Doctors can see which specialists a patient has visited, which tests have been ordered, and, crucially, how much the overall care might be costing the health care system.”

We have harped on the need for technological advancement in healthcare and this start-up is finding a way to make it a reality. Kudos to them for seeing a need and filling it. There will always be a need for this kind of software in healthcare. The goal of this start-up and start-up’s similar to this one is to create affordable healthcare while improving patient treatment. This software is a huge step in being able to do that.


Think about a situation like this. A patient has been diagnosed with an allergy to a certain medicine that could prove lethal if they are not treated immediately after receiving the medicine. This diagnoses came several years back and they don’t remember what the medicine is. The patient moves away and starts seeing a different doctor. They end up getting sick and visit their new physician to get the diagnoses and whatever prescription they need. The doctor doesn’t have their old records and ends up prescribing them the medicine that they are highly allergic to. With Aledade’s software, this would never happen. A doctor can take a “helicopter view” of the patient’s healthcare history and would find that they are allergic to that certain medicine.

This software could have a tremendous effect on helping primary care physicians more organized and prepared. It could help the whole process run seamlessly and efficiently. These are the kind of technologies that start-ups or large corporations need to take advantage of. Everyone needs healthcare, so it’s time that we make it affordable and beneficial.

Aledade is the model of what a business could do for healthcare. There are other businesses that are attempting to replicate this model. The more start-ups and large corporations yearning to improve healthcare, the better for us.

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