You have recently begun your journey as an entrepreneur. You've made some great connections and your sales are starting to show it. You've made a couple profiles on various social media sites and check it every once in a while. You post things occasionally and respond to the questions or replies that you get from customers. Most people would agree that this use of social media marketing would be plenty for a small startup but according to a study conducted by New York University, it isn’t. This study showed that even though over half of customers connect with businesses through social media, only 8 percent were happy with the experience that they had.

So, if you are a small business that runs your social media this way, it’s time to revamp. That doesn’t necessarily mean more money, but finding creative and innovative ways to reach your customers and give them a better experience. The customers are always the most important thing when it comes down to it and you want them to be able to get the information that they want so you can retain their business. So, let’s take a look into some ways that you can refurbish the way you use your social media.

1. Choosing the correct platform

Marketing is about efficiency. Heck, every aspect of business is about efficiency. Therefore, we want to find ways to reach our target market by using the least amount of money, time, and energy possible. To do this, you have to figure out whose attention you’re trying to reach. Once you pin down who your target market will be, which you should already know, you can begin to search for social media platforms that are going to help your reach that sector of the market. When choosing social media platforms, keep in mind your product and the demographic that you will be selling to. If your product is designed to attract millennials, you may want to take a look into a platform such as Twitter or Instagram, as we know that millennials tend to spend more time on these social media platforms more than others. If your product is designed to attract Generation X or older, you may want to look into using Facebook as one of your platforms. Your choice of platform all comes down to the question, who am I trying to reach? When you can answer the question, you can determine the platform to use.

2. Social media management

When beginning your marketing campaign for your small business it is always helpful to have a little help. There are plenty of social media management platforms out there for you to use. These platforms make it cheap and easy to control all aspects of your account from one page. Assign tasks to your employees, schedule posts, and view activity all from the same spot. These management platforms make it very easy to control your accounts when you don’t have multiple employees who are overseeing your social media marketing. This is just another tool that is going to help revamp your social media marketing, leading to gaining and retaining customers.

3. Social media monitoring

This is one of the most important things about social media marketing. It is very important that you keep tabs on the things that are going on around all of your accounts. You want to respond timely to all of the customer activity that takes place on your social media. Monitoring your accounts will give you the ability to respond to negative or positive posts about your company. If you see negative posts, you should reply and smooth over the problems that the customer is having. If you are receiving posts that are praising your company, you want to be able to thank the customers for the comment and the business that they are providing your company. Monitoring your accounts will give you the best ability to perform social media marketing successfully. It will help you stay on top of all customer activity and keep the clients happy and coming back.

When you are putting in the amount of time into marketing that you should be, you need to be getting a positive return on your investment. These tips will help you get the return that you need. When you can keep your customers pleased, you will be able to continue to grow your brand and continue to gain more clients. Marketing is not all about gaining followers. You want people who are truly going to contribute to your company. Following these tips will help you acquire these customers and make sure they stay around.

As usual, we hoped you enjoyed this read and got something that you can take with you. If you have any questions or comments, email us or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn. Everyone have a great weekend and be safe. For all of the small businesses out there, continue to work on your social media marketing. Put to use some of the tips in this blog and begin to grow your brand. Good luck!

Written by Trey Turner 
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