Government Funding Support

Espy Services provides support and ongoing management for obtaining rural and urban funding eligibility for hospital providers through the USAC Healthcare Connect Fund and the Rural Healthcare Program for telecommunications and broadband cost reductions.

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) was formed in 1997 and charged with the responsibility of collecting and distributing funding to support and offset monthly recurring telecommunications expenses.

Two primary eligible segments highlighted for funding support are:
1. Rural Health Facilities (Funded through USAC RHC)
2. Schools/Libraries - including Head Start and alternative education facilities (Funded through E-Rate)

USAC Funds, for disbursal, come from the collective amount paid by every person and business that pays a telecommunications bill. If eligible, your organization is entitled to this money and should be receiving this funding on a regular basis; but the filing process has gotten more and more complicated and is often time consuming and confusing.

In 2014, USAC made over 37,000 individual E-Rate commitments on the School and Library Program. In funding year 2013, USAC made over 11,000 individual RHC commitments constituting over $121 million in funding disbursements.

Did you miss out on collecting your commitment and the corresponding dollars of support?

Additionally, the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) stated in June 2015 that “the Rural Health Care Program has an annual cap of $400 million in total support available for telecommunications and broadband funding for the Telecommunications and Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) programs.”

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

Am I prepared to hire and train the personnel required to go after this money for my organization and then deal with the ever-changing USAC rules and processes?

Do myself and my team completely understand the complex, step-by-step requirements and forms necessary to obtain our funding on an ongoing basis?

Would having an expert resource giving us both turnkey USAC funding support and telecommunications expertise streamline our operations and ultimately save us money?

With Espy Services, Inc. as your partner, you will:


  • Obtain assistance in determining your organization’s eligibility.
  • Secure the maximum funding available for your healthcare organization. Your financial gain can be used to add infrastructure, or improve treatment facilities; whatever your financial needs may be.
  • See immediate value in our familiarity with the telecom business requirements for hospital groups and other healthcare organizations which assists in the entire funding process.
  • Gain the confidence of knowing your organization is being supported by experts that specialize in USAC and work within this system on a day-to-day basis. We know how to navigate the process and free up your internal resources from having to do this work.

To learn more about how Espy Services can handle your Rural Health Care and E-Rate fund filing:

   Call Espy Services, Inc. at 800-991-8832 and GET STARTED

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