Shawn Krahenbuhl

Vice President of Operations

Shawn L. Krahenbuhl serves as Vice President of Operations for Espy Services, Inc. He provides strategic leadership in the delivery of services to our clients by managing the Auditing team and the overall production of savings for Espy Services clients.


He has over twenty-six years of experience working in all facets of the telecommunications industry. Mr. Krahenbuhl has spent the past seventeen years directly working as an advocate for consumers in assisting with: Analysis, Contract Negotiations, Vendor Relations, and Vendor Compliance, which has made him a leader in the industry.


Steve Poole

President & Founder

Steven S. Poole is the Espy Services, Inc. President and founder. In addition, he serves on the company's board of directors. His main duties involve overseeing the company's finances, strategic planning and assuring that Espy Services maintains best practices within its industry.

Mr. Poole has spent his career in telecommunications since the divestiture of 1984, working in positions ranging from account manager in the mid-80s to executive management by 1990. Since 1994 he has worked as an entrepreneur in; various telecommunications ventures, all of which were successful with two of the businesses experiencing profitable acquisitions.


Mr. Poole studied business and psychology at Indiana University, then took an internship with a start-up long distance company in the mid-1980s where he managed a sales force that captured as much as 60% of the business LD markets in Southern Indiana.

Shawn Laszlo

Executive Vice President

Shawn C. Laszlo serves as Executive Vice President of Espy Services, Inc. He provides strategic leadership in operations, sales and marketing while promoting a focus on client satisfaction and maintaining corporate integrity.

He has over twenty five years of experience working with a range of businesses, from multinational corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups. The majority of this experience has been in the telecommunications and pharmaceutical industry.


Mr. Laszlo received his bachelor’s degree in telecommunications/business from Indiana University, Bloomington and a Master of Science in Strategic Management from the Kelley School of Business: Indiana University.

Sheila Cook

Director of Billing & Finance

Sheila D. Cook serves as Director of Billing and Finance for Espy Services, Inc. She manages the account payables and receivables, while assisting the company’s owner with day-to-day operations.


Ms. Cook has over 23 years of experience working in all facets of office administration. Since 2002, she has been an integral part in helping Espy Services, Inc. grow into a respected industry resource that focuses on client satisfaction throughout the business engagement.