Facilities Audit & Analysis

Operating your facilities requires a variety of services and vendors along with the financial savvy to properly depreciate your building. Facility expense management also requires receiving invoices that have buried charges, incorrect rates and potential billing errors which go unseen year after year. Our team invests our time and expertise to be your advocate in obtaining credits, refunds and ongoing cost reductions from your current vendors in a variety of areas that support your day to day operations. Plus, we can advise you on how to leverage your facility ownership for added tax benefits.

Waste & Recycling Analysis

Is your waste/recycling bill more than $5,000 per month?

Right now, your organization (like most) is probably losing money with your solid waste, recyclables, shredding and/or medical bio-hazardous waste vendors. Our team will audit usage assessments, servicing history, equipment, pricing and billing; which determines where we can secure refunds/credits and cut your reoccurring costs. Our team will even show you ways to optimize your service technologies for additional savings. As with all of our services, this is contingency based and you are only paying us for cost reductions and improvements we provide and that are approved by you.

Worker's Comp Premium Analysis

Are you not self-insured and spending over $50,000 for your annual worker’s comp premium?

7 out of 10 employers are overcharged on their Worker’s Comp insurance by an average of 5-15%. We will review the past 5 to 7 years of insurance policies and premium calculations to find errors and obtain refunds. We will analyze areas such as classifications, payroll audits, rates, experience rating calculations and applicable discounts. This is another contingency based service. If there is no recovery for your organization, you pay us no fee.

Cost Segregation Services

Are you a for profit organization that owns over $1 million in real estate that has been built or purchased in the last 5 years?

One of the most valuable tax strategies available to commercial property owners, cost segregation provides: an immediate increase in cash flow, a reduction in current tax liability, a deferral of taxes and the ability to reclaim "missed" depreciation deductions from prior years (without having to amend tax returns). Our engineering-based Cost Segregation Studies give CPAs the data and documentation to meet the strict IRS regulations and requirements. If you own, construct, renovate or acquire a commercial real estate structure, call us to find out about how you can benefit from this service.

Energy Audit - Virtually all Utilities

Whether it’s guaranteeing you are on the most cost effective tariffs based on your business needs or reviewing whether you are exempt from provider surcharges, we will analyze your electricity, gas and water invoices to make sure you are on the most cost effective rates possible. As always, this is done on a contingency basis to ensure that you are only paying us for improvements that are approved by you. 

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

Does our current staff possess the expertise to take on auditing and analyzing the multiple types of services, vendors and invoices that our company works with to run our facilities every day?

Would having one point of contact to deal with our facilities invoices & fees provide greater efficiency to our business?

Do I have concerns about whether our facilities vendor is providing us with the most competitive pricing (the same that our competitor's receive from them)?

With Espy Services, Inc. as your partner, you will:


  • Save the investment of your own time and internal resources to handle the review of a multitude of service invoices you process each day.
  • Gain the confidence associated with having expert, unbiased, third-party recommended service optimizations that do not require you to change vendors.
  • Increase your company's buying power through our market knowledge and firm negotiations.


To learn more about how we can handle auditing a full range of your company's invoices:

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