Financial Audit & Analysis

Financial transactions are at the heart of every organization (public or private) and these transactions have underlying fees and costs invisible to the untrained eye. Many of these transactions require time consuming checks and balances which either drives up your organization's personnel costs or go unseen altogether. We invest our time and expertise to be your advocate in obtaining credits and ongoing cost reductions from your current financial providers in a variety of areas.

Treasury Fees (Bank Fees) Audit

Are your treasury fees over $5,000 per month?

We understand how to evaluate your banking services both qualitatively and quantitatively. We also understand that a banking relationship is an important part of any organization's future. Our team can provide cost reductions up to 40% while protecting your relationship with your current banking partners. Our detailed analysis of your Account Analysis Statements evaluates where your bank pricing lines up with the current marketplace in areas such as: analysis fees, earning credit rate, investment rates and P-card rebates. By tracking your statements, our team reports monthly benchmarks, fee variances, errors and contract compliance directly to you. Since our work is contingency based, you pay no fee if there are no savings.

Virtual Cards

Is your Accounts Payable spend over $500,000 per month?

Would you like the opportunity to earn revenue by simply paying your invoices? We have the ability to introduce your organization to a new way of paying invoices that is more secure, reduces your AP costs, and makes invoice reconciliation easier and provides you rebates that your current ACH and check payments do not provide. Let our team provide you with a free "opportunity potential" report for your specific suppliers.

Merchant Services Audit

Do you process more than $50,000 per month in merchant services transactions?

Reduce your credit card processing fees without changing your processor. During our review we perform a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of over 16 unique cost categories, including: interchange fees, assessment fees, network fees, communication costs, transaction costs and account on file costs. Over 60% of the time, we can find additional savings that do not relate to your negotiated rates. Let us review your nearly-impossible-to-read statement and find these savings...on a contingency basis, of course.

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

Does my current staff possess the expertise to take on auditing and analyzing the multitude of financial processes, vendors and invoices that my company works with every day?

Would having one point of contact to deal with our finance invoices & fees provide greater efficiency to my business?

Do I have concerns about whether your financial partners are providing us with the most competitive rates & fees (the same that our competitor's receive from them)?

With Espy Services, Inc. as your partner, you will:


  • Save the investment of your own time and internal resources to handle the review of a multitude of service invoices you process each day.
  • Gain the confidence associated with having expert, unbiased, third-party recommended service optimizations that do not require you to change vendors.
  • Increase your company's buying power through our market knowledge and firm negotiations.


To learn more about how we can handle auditing a full range of your company's financial services:

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