Telecom Audit

To assist with your organization's growth, our team will audit your telecommunication and technology network service providers' invoices and records looking for ways to identify a billing overspend and provide cost recovery from your telecom and tech services.

The FCC recommends that you should “…carefully review your telephone bill(s) every month, just as closely as you review your monthly credit card and bank statements.”


Throughout the entire process, you will be provided with written detail and summary reports for all of your telecom services and the savings that we have discovered. We will not implement anything until you give us the okay to do so.

You will get accurate & professional advice along with the time savings from having one point of contact while benefiting from our proven quality control processes that take very little time on your part and are non-intrusive to your day-to-day business.


Would the elimination of inaccurate recurring monthly costs have a positive impact to my company’s profit potential?

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

Would having a team of experienced analysts reviewing my invoices free up our internal personnel for more productive assignments?

Would having an expert resource giving us unbiased assistance in reviewing potential areas of telecommunications improvement streamline our operations?

With Espy Services, Inc. as your partner, you will -


·         Build savings by eliminating unnecessary charges and ensuring all of your locations benefit from a lower contracted price point.

 ·         See immediate value in our familiarity with the telecom business requirements for both small and large businesses gives us an edge in building savings for your business, making us a valuable telecom cost management resource.

 ·         Gain the confidence of knowing your invoices are being reviewed by highly trained, independent, third-party industry experts and that we are holding your telecom vendors accountable for their services and costs.


To learn more about how we can handle auditing a full range of your company's telecom services:

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