Espy Services & Trey Hollingsworth Discuss How Lack of Money Has Made Rural Healthcare Sick

Improved, affordable technology could be the cure for Rural Healthcare’s dying infrastructure and lack of services.

[BEDFORD, INDIANA, June 6, 2019—] Trey Hollingsworth visited Espy Services’ headquarters today to learn more about what they do nationally to support healthcare, businesses and governments in cutting costs on telecommunications and data services. The conversation specifically turned to the financial & operational dilemma that rural healthcare facilities and their communities are currently facing.

Healthcare facilities are closing at a record pace in rural communities, leading to a lack of locally based professionals to provide physical and mental health support. This shortage leaves few options other than going without care or driving a great distance to the nearest provider. Technology can help bridge this gap through the use of telehealth and telemedicine allowing patients to “see” providers through monitors, tablets and smartphones.

Congressman Hollingsworth stated that, “There is an acute shortage in rural communities, but telemedicine is beginning to change that.” Shawn Krahenbuhl, VP of Operations for Espy shared that, “through the federal government’s USAC RHC program, Espy has secured millions of dollars for rural hospitals to help offset the costs of telecom services that help support telemedicine.” Espy Services’ USAC Management processes identify the services and locations that are eligible for funding and then file the ongoing paperwork and support materials for hospitals to receive this money.