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Government Funding Management (Healthcare)

Our individual and consortia clients have received over $100 million in funds through our ongoing support for Rural Healthcare through USAC’s Healthcare Connect Fund and Telecommunications Program. By collaborating with our partners at SHLB, we advocate for our healthcare clients
through legislation, networking, and consistent and direct communication with USAC and
the FCC.

Expense Analysis

We empower organizations to control costs while delivering value from their vendors utilizing our 3-Point proprietary review process:

  • Providing the identification and validation of: wireless, landline, data, software, cloud, maintenance and equipment expenses;
  • Cleansing the expenses by identifying and correcting errors & overcharges; and
  • Identifying areas of vendor’s contract noncompliance. 

Inventory Development

We provide vendor visibility during and after the Expense Analysis process which will lead to better resource allocation and improved efficiency. This will categorize your expenses by location, vendor, vendor contracts, service type and features allowing you to:

  • Identify relevant vendors enterprise-wide to match the needs of the company to the right vendor;
  • Compare vendors for a simplistic evaluation of resource requirements; and
  • Streamline and centralize disparate vendor information to provide unbiased accessibility.

Other Services

Facilities Management


  • Waste and Recycling Analysis
  • Utilities Audit & Analysis

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