What a wonderful time of year. Late spring and early summer is one of the most exciting and enjoyable times. The warm weather rolls in and the flowers begin to bud. Sunshine allows for those activities that couldn’t be enjoyed in months prior and the longer days give you the opportunity to stay outside and appreciate nature for extended periods of time.

For many people with many different occupations, the spring and summer months can be the most productive time of the year. I think about farmers and gardeners who can appreciate the summer months for the extended work day that it can provide. I also think about lawn care businesses who thrive under the scorching sun and torrential rains that keep lawns continually growing and in need of their service.

If you are like me, you may assume that summer would create a spike in production for every business because of the happiness and excitement that it provides, but that’s actually untrue. Many businesses experience a dip in their productivity and attendance throughout the spring and summer months. Partially because these months are when the majority of employees use their vacation time and partially because when employees are at work, they are often daydreaming about what they could be doing with the beautiful day that they are witnessing from their office window. What can we do about this? What are some ways that we can offset this lack of productivity?


Who doesn’t love a good cookout? This is a great chance to give your employees an avenue to unwind while spending fun time with colleagues. This can be a surprise or a planned event. If it is a planned event, coordinate a pitch-in with your employees to make sure that you get all the bases covered. Block off about an hour or two of the workday to give everyone a chance to eat, play some games, fellowship, and enjoy some sunshine.


Summer isn’t necessarily the only time that you should be doing this, but it is a great time to show your appreciation toward your employees and clients.

When your employees feel needed and appreciated, they are going to be more likely to give you the efficient and productive work that you are looking for. If you aren’t showing them the appreciation that they deserve, they are significantly less likely to feel motivated to provide you with great work.

This is not only a great time to offer up appreciation to your employees but to your clients as well. It’s important that you show them gratitude to make sure that you continue to attain their business. Take them out to a nice lunch or send them a thank you note. Just make sure that they understand that your partnership with them is very appreciated.


What an awesome opportunity summer provides to get outside and do business with your connections. There is real value in having face-to-face contact with your colleagues and the warmer months allow you to do that with regularity. Follow the lead of the great Steve Jobs and have walking meetings. These provide a free flow of ideas, everyone is more relaxed and it’s great for your health. Be intentional with your relationships. Take your connections out for some iced coffee or a round of golf. Rekindle those relationships with your associates that might have cooled over the years. You never know when your relationship with another person can provide for an amazing opportunity for your business. Summer allows for the perfect platform to nurture your connections. Don’t neglect that opportunity.

In conclusion, take advantage of the spring and summer months. Don’t let them negatively affect you or your business by creating a dip in production, but instead, take advantage of all of the opportunities that they provide in order to increase your personal productivity as well as your businesses productivity and efficiency. Provide gratitude to your employees through a pitch-in cookout with exciting games to express their value to you and the company. Show appreciation to your clients by taking them out to a nice lunch. Finally, take advantage of the beautiful weather in order to nurture your connections that could prove to be a major help down the road.

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Written by Trey Turner – TTurner@EspyServices.com
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