City of Camden

“Espy was able to recover some past overcharges as well as remove those issues so that we were not being overcharged in the future. I found Espy Services to be very effective in communicating with us, professional in the work done and (just as you said) no...

Infinity Construction

“In a short time, Espy Services was able to reduce our costs nearly $1,300 a month more than what our negotiated reductions were.” – Controller – Infinity Construction Services, Clute, TX


“Our city’s monthly telecom expenses were reduced by approximately 24%. This was essentially “found money” for the city.” – City Manager – City of Suwanee, GA

Almatis Premium

“We were paying for plans that were not being used correctly. Espy Services recommended different phone plans that decreased our annual cellular expenses by 25%. The most impressive part of working with Espy Services was their knowledge within the phone...

County of Camden

“Overall, your work is going to generate credits and savings equaling almost 75% of what we spent on telecom in 2010. As we move forward in the future years our costs will be reduced 22% through the efforts of you and Espy Services.” – Commissioner –...