Open RFPs

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Fund Year 2023 RFP’s Will Begin Posting December 2022

Cherry Health RFP FY23 (ACSD: 1/4/2023)

Clay County RFP FY23 (ACSD 1/4/2023)

Conway RFP FY23 (ACSD: 1/4/2023)

Gibson Area FY23 RFP1 (ACSD: 1/10/2023)

Sparta 1st RFP (ACSD: 1/18/2023)

HCC RFP FY23 (ACSD: 1/19/2023)

Hutchinson RFP FY23 (ACSD: 1/19/2023)

CHESI RFP FY23 (ACSD: 1/27/2023)

Cameron Memorial FY23 RFP (ACSD: 2/2/2023)

Midwest Medical RFP FY23 (ACSD: 2/2/2023)

Midwest Medical Equipment RFP FY23 (ACSD: 2/2/2023)

McAlester Regional RFP 1 (ACSD 2/9/2023)

Weeks Medical FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 2/9/2023)

McPherson Hospital RFP (ACSD: 2/9/2023)

PRMC FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 2/16/2023)

Banner FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 2/17/2023)

Banner FY23 RFP Equip Maint (ACSD: 2/18/2023)

Atrium RFP 1 (ACSD: 2/22/2023)

Gibson Recovery RFP FY23 (ACSD: 2/22/2023)

Sparta Equipment RFP (ACSD: 2/22/2023)

Mountain Valleys FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 2/24/2023)

Pana FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 2/24/2023)

PMMA FY23 RFP (ACSD: 2/24/2023)

Prairie Ridge Lake Region FY23 RFP (ACSD: 2/24/2023)

Central Ozarks Medical Center RFP (ACSD: 3/3/2023)

Cherry Health RFP FY23 (ACSD: 3/4/2023)

Ozarks Medical FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 3/4/2023)

River Valley FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

McCloud Healthcare Clinic FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Augusta Health RFP 1 (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Boyd RFP FY23 (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Sutter RFP FY23 (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

SOMC FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Family Health Centers WA FY23 RFP (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Forrest General FY23 RFP (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Patterson FY23 RFP (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Redwood Coast FY23 RFP 1 (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Redwood Coast FY23 RFP Equip. (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

Valley Health FY23 RFP (ACSD: 3/7/2023)

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