The Espy Story

Espy Services officially got its start in 1996 as Heartland Telecom after the advent of the Telecommunications Act. Heartland was a long distance company and soon morphed into Network America in 2001, selling long distance, operator services, payphone, and even local phone services. While we were successful in providing customers with great prices and telecom services, we began to realize that the process of continuously verifying and monitoring the vendors’ billing accuracy proved just as vital as having the best pricing.

In 2009, our Founder decided to start Espy Services as a result of constantly fighting with our carriers on behalf of our clients. We gained tremendous insider knowledge while being a vendor, primarily knowing what and where to find and correct the billing issues. We also gained an understanding of the “rules” that these vendors try to put on customers (in the vendor’s best interest of course) and how to cut through those rules in order to benefit the customer.

Today, Espy Services takes these vendors head on to alleviate the pain and hardship that they create through their processes of sticking it to the customer. We take pride in being vendor neutral. It gives us the ability to truly be an advocate for our clients. We do all of the hard work of managing the full vendor lifecycle for our clients. Because of this, they don’t have to worry about the plethora of excuses and on-hold times; or the constant turnover of their account executives. Espy knows what plans and services are being offered and at what prices they should be offered.

All of this is why Espy Services has chosen to be your ADVOCATE in the everyday struggle with telecommunication vendors!

espy: es | py (e spi’ i-) vt. – pied |-py’ing

To catch sight of (something distant, partially hidden, or obscure); glimpse; discover; detect.

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