County Clerk

“Overall your work is going to generate credits and savings equaling almost 75% of what we spend on telecom.”

Bella Vista

“After providing Espy copies of billings… they were able to find $15,889.40 in one-year savings. In one instance a vendor agreed to return over $7k in a cash payment for past overcharges… Even if you have absolute confidence that your pricing is the...

Trust Texas Bank

“Many vendors call me on a regular basis to sell something new which ultimately raises our operating costs. IT was refreshing to work with a company such as Espy who actually lowered costs by several thousand dollars… [and] these savings will continue year...

Detco Industries

“Espy Services was able to reduce our monthly expenses without making changes to the phone and internet services or providers. Our staff had very little work involved.” – R&D Manager – Detco Industries, Conway, AR

Kocolene Marketing

“My company is a multi-state marketer with over 72 years of business history. It is refreshing to have an organization promise to accomplish something and then do it…” – President & CEO – Kocolene Marketing, Seymour, IN